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Private Content

Why Use adNomus?

A large amount of online content is private and not accessible by traditional advertising and marketing services without compromising user and content privacy. These publishers, and their users, expect the utmost privacy and don’t want their sensitive information ‘sold out’ to advertisers and marketers. However, aside from an access fee, these publishers are limited to monetization methods. They desire the autonomous revenue and convenience of advertising and content recommendation but refuse to jeopardize the user experience.

adNomus enables publishers of private content to serve relevant, resourceful ads and content recommendations to their users in a native, non-intrusive way.

How it Works

adNomus uses artificial intelligence to analyze and characterize content in real time in order to create unparalleled content targeting. Our technology guarantees user and content privacy. adNomus analyzes and characterizes private content in a way that does not require or allow sensitive information to be turned public. As a result, publishers of private content can deliver tailored ads and content recommendations that are highly relevant to each individual section of their content-base. 

How it’s Secure?

Privacy and data security are natively built-in throughout the adNomus infrastructure to ensure sensitive information is never used for content targeting or leaked to third-parties. We filter out any sensitive or private data before analyzing content to develop content targeting criteria. adNomus supports the hosting of our technology within your own secure cloud environment or directly on the users device.

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