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Forums and Online Communities

Why Use Us?

Forums and online communities are rich with user generated content. However, despite their passionate and highly engaged user-base, current advertising and marketing technologies have failed to keep up with the nature of a forum’s dynamic and evolving content. As a result, these unique online communities are naively categorized and copious amounts of user generated content is neglected for content targeting – directly affecting bottom line revenue and service quality. adNomus remedies this by creating content targeting at the sentence level instead of the site level. Our hyper-focused approach eliminates generic high-level categorizations and enables each unique piece of individual content to be treated fairly. As a result, adNomus is able to match to tailored ads and content recommendations that users find relevant, and often resourceful, to the content they are engaging with.

How it Works?

adNomus uses artificial intelligence to analyze and characterize content in real time in order to create unparalleled content targeting. Our technology evaluates every individual piece of content separately instead of assigning a generic site-level categorization. This approach allows us to develop content targeting at fine-grained level. As a result, forums and online communities deliver tailored ads and content recommendations that are highly relevant to each individual sections or pieces of user generated content.

How it’s Secure?

Privacy and data security are natively built-in throughout the adNomus infrastructure to ensure sensitive information is never used for content targeting or leaked to third-parties. We filter out any sensitive or private data before analyzing content to develop content targeting criteria. adNomus supports the hosting of our technology within your own secure cloud environment or directly on the users device.

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