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Messaging and Chat Applications

Why Use adNomus?

Messaging apps have an ever growing user base that will send a mind boggling 28.2 trillion* messages worldwide in 2017. However, despite the billions of active users, these apps have failed to meet the contextual targeting standards modern services require. They desire precise content targeting for quality adverting and content recommendation but fear exposing their user privacy while introducing a spammy advertising experience.

adNomus provides a solution that allows messaging apps to analyze and characterize what their users are talking about in real-time. By leveraging user generated content as the basis for developing ad and content targeting, publishers can ensure their users are served relevant, resourceful 3rd party content in a native and non-intrusive way.

How Does it Work?

adNomus uses artificial intelligence to analyze and characterize user generated content in real time in order to create unparalleled content targeting. Our technology guarantees user and content privacy while being able to deliver highly-targeted and resourseful advertising and content recommendation experiences. adNomus analyzes and characterizes private messages in a way that does not reveal user information or data to third parties. As a result, chat and messaging apps can remain private and serve highly-relevant content to their users.

How it’s Secure?

Privacy and data security are natively built-in throughout the adNomus infrastructure to ensure sensitive information is never used for content targeting or leaked to third-parties. We filter out any sensitive or private data before analyzing content to develop content targeting criteria.  adNomus supports the hosting of our technology within your own secure cloud environment or directly on the users device.

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