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Integration Options for Seamless Connectivity

Native SDKs



Our native SDK’s are extremely lightweight and ready to be integrated directly into your mobile applications source code. We provide updates on-the-fly so you only have to implement our SDK once and never have to recompile your code for the app stores. Our iOS SDK comes in both Objective-C and Swift for your convenience and our Android SDK is written in Java. Both use the latest programming trends to ensure fast and secure operations.


Our plugins are designed for easy, one-step integration with popular CMS and Forum platforms. We designed each plugin to work seamlessly with your existing technology so you can spend less time placing ads and spend more time watching your revenue grow. We have developed plugins for CMS platforms including WordPress and Blogger. Our Forum plugins include: phpBB, XenForo, vBulletin, and Simple Machines Forum.



Custom Implementations

JavaScript Tags

JavaScript Library

For customers looking for maximum customization and flexibility, we provide JavaScript tags that can be placed anywhere inside your technology that you wish to display an ad. If you need further customization, we provide a JavaScript programming library that you can use to interact with our services. Both options are extremely lightweight and provide the same features as our direct integration options.

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