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End-To-End Content Targeting and Delivery Platform

After integrating with our platofrm, we establish an encrypted connection with our cloud infrastructure and request your content in real-time.

Our proprietary AI analytics engine filters out any private and/or sensitive information your content may contain. The technology then contextually understands your content, characterizes it, and develops very percise targeting terms from it.




Have your content’s targeting terms auctioned across multiple networks and exchanges. Advertisers are hungry to bid on percise targeting and real-time placements.

Accept multiple offers from advertisers at the same time. Our multi-objective optimization technology will only pick the offering that best fits your business needs.


Our proprietary ad selection algorithms determine how relevant each returned item is compared to the AI Analytics Engine’s contextual understanding of the content. We combine Machine Learning, Data Analytics and content specific heuristics for advanced ad selection.

Items returned from thrid-parties are scanned for malicious code or spyware and removed. We canonicalize the returned items contents and transform them for execution in an isolated secure environment (sandbox).

Universal Seamless Integration


A native SDK for iOS written in both Objective-C and Swift.

Android SDK

A native SDK for all Android OS’s written in Java.


For CMS platforms like Wordpress and popular forums.

Web Tags

A lightweight JavaScript snippet that can be added anywhere.

Our Promise To You



adNomus encrypts communication between users, publishers, and its infrastructure while ensuring that any sensitive user or content information protected.


adNomus analyzes and characterizes private and user generated content in less than a millesecond. This real-time analysis does not delay the ad serving process.


adNomus’s technology enables ads to be served into all types and sizes of content, however, only ads that display a high relevancy between them and the content will be served.

Proudly made in Silicon Valley, CA

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