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Why Use adNomus?

E-Commerce has quickly grown to become a global standard with wide selections of products and revenues estimated to reach $4.5 Trillion by 2021. However, most e-commerce platforms still rely on basic product classifications to deliver product recommendations and search results to their users. Supplementing current technologies with adNomus content intelligence will enable e-commerce companies to deliver the highest quality recommendations and search results, increasing engagement and conversions.

adNomus provides a solution that allows e-commerce companies to rapidly analyze their product listings to derive a deep understanding of the product. By leveraging advanced content analytics, e-commerce companies can provide their users with more accurate and relevant product recommendations, as well as search results and sponsored product advertisements.

How Does it Work?

adNomus uses artificial intelligence to analyze and characterize unstructured data and develop an unparalleled understanding of entire product inventories. Our technology’s advanced content analytics works in real-time, enabling e-commerce companies to dynamically deliver relevant recommendations and accurate search results platform wide. E-commerce companies report a direct increase in user engagement, conversion rates and revenue after they integrate with adNomus.

How it’s Secure?

Privacy and data security are natively built-in throughout the adNomus infrastructure to ensure your sensitive information is never exposed to third-parties. Any sensitive or private data can be filtered out before analyzing the content to develop content targeting criteria. adNomus supports the hosting of our technology within your own secure cloud environment or directly on the users mobile device.

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