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AI content targeting brings the benefits of search advertising to user-generated content across web and mobile platforms.


Search is arguably the best advertising ecosystem for both publishers and marketers. It ensures high relevancy between search keywords and ads while serving a resourceful experience to users. However, applying that contextual model to content across the web and mobile ecosystem remains a challenging task and current approaches do not live up to the high bar set by search. Web and mobile content is much more dynamic, versatile, and complex when compared to the average search query and this has been problematic in the past. State of the art Artificial Intelligence changes the current landscape by providing solutions that understand the intent and meaning behind this content in order to intelligently develop descriptive criteria that target the content itself. Below are four reasons why publishers and marketers prefer delivering advertisements using AI content targeting.


Content targeting is intelligent

With content targeting, we move far beyond primitive keyword/pattern matching. We use Artificial Intelligence to understand your content and remove any private or sensitive information before using it to develop precise targeting terms. Publishers win because their content is no longer classified by a high-level category and instead, each individual piece of content can be targeted appropriately. Marketers win because they can advertise on content that matches their campaign, at a precise, fine-grained contextual level.


Content targeting is dynamic

Modern web and platforms experience continuous content changes and additions. In order to reflect those continuous changes and achieve an effective real-time experience, our technology delivers content analysis and targeting within 1ms. Publishers win because they can change or contribute new content while they keep delivering relevant ads and content recommendations. Marketers win because they can ensure their advertisements are not displayed on stale content.


Content targeting is flexible

Content targeting works with diverse types of content (including articles, messages, social media entries, e-mails) and does not break the current audience/cookie based technologies. It is not limited to particular length or context of the content it analyzes and works with your internal taxonomies/structures. Publishers win because they can assign targeting criteria to individual pieces of content, making the most out of all their hard work. Marketers win because they can decide to reach customers when there is a highly relevant match between their message and the content a user is interacting with.


Content targeting is descriptive

With content targeting, the delivered targeting criteria is generic terms and concepts that are highly descriptive to your content. Our AI technology is able to understand the meanings and intents behind the content which enables it to deliver the most descriptive terms, ensuring the highest quality matches. Publishers win because the amount of targetable content available to monetize is intelligently increased. Marketers win because they are able to reach more customers though more relevant content mediums.


Leveraging modern AI content targeting for your advertising needs across web and mobile platforms comes with significant benefits. This powerful technology ensures all advertisements are highly relevant to the content a user is interacting with in the moment. Our customers utilize our AI content analytics for high quality contextual advertising and recommendation solutions. We guarantee that a publisher’s entire content warehouse will become fully targetable in a safe and effective way that yields highly relevant and accurate results.