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adNomus releases a suite of REST APIs to power your next real-time content analytics


Building on its promise to provide real-time content analytics to enterprises, A.I. startup adNomus is making its proprietary A.I. technology available for production use today. adNomus’ suite of REST APIs solve the real-time content targeting and matching challenges needed to disrupt the online advertising, content recommendation, and contextual search industries.

“By providing key aspects of our technologies as individual APIs, companies can remain lean and have the flexibility to solve specific use cases with minimal dev time and at a controlled cost,” co-founder Joe Falore explains. You can demo these powerful A.I. technologies and test your own live content samples at: https://github.com/adnomus/adnomus-python-analytics You can also play around with our UI friendly demo and get a feel for how one-off use cases work by visiting: http://adnomus.com/api-demo/

For this release, adNomus has prioritized access to three of its most requested technologies for this release, which include: Content Targeting, Content Relevance, and Content Search and Indexing.


Real-time Content Targeting API:  This API is ideal for companies that need to generate precise characterizations of their content. Many companies need to “target” their user-generated content to provide offerings that are relevant to the material their users read or contribute. For example, those interested in contextual advertising, and content characterization or organization would use adNomus’ Real-time Content Targeting API to receive fine-grained and precise targeting terms for their arbitrary content. The returned targeting terms are either generic English terms or belong to a set of terms provided by the user in the form of keywords, categories or short phrases.

(Content Targeting API Demo – shown above, a piece of user-generated content is used to develop targeting terms. These terms can either be generic English terms or matched back to a set of pre-defined terms provided by the user. Users have the option to have relevancy scores included with the terms or not.)



Real-time Content Relevance API: This API is ideal for scenarios where an organization needs to quantify the relevance between different content entries. As an example, with content recommendation services the objective is to provide users with extrinsic content that is relevant to what they read or write. Furthermore, service recommendation & discovery services that prompt users to listen to a song, attend an event, or buy a product, require the same type of analytics. For these use cases where relevance is a high priority, companies can leverage adNomus’ Real-time Content Relevance API to deliver relevance ordering for arbitrary content entries.

(Content Relevance API Demo – shown above, a piece of user-generated content is compared to 4 different extrinsic content entries and then each extrinsic entry is sorted by their relevancy to the original user-generated content.)



Real-time Content Search & Indexing API: This API is ideal for companies who demand quality search and indexing capabilities for diverse and multitudinous content. For example, modern web companies such as social media, e-commerce marketplaces, and data archives, require precise contextual search technologies that go far beyond keyword and pattern matching. With adNomus’ Real-time Content Search and Indexing API, companies can perform precise contextual analysis and indexing of their content, enabling search in a natural language.

(Content Search and Indexing API Demo – shown above, a search query in natural language provided by the user is cross-referenced against a content inventory of five entries, then the most relevant entries are selected as matches ranked for relevancy.)


With greater momentum than ever, adNomus CEO Chris Margiolas is pushing the company to become the leader in real-time A.I. content analytics. Recently, adNomus emerged out of stealth mode to provide its technology to enterprises and shows no signs of slowing down. Leading organizations have already called adNomus’ technologies powerful and disruptive A.I. analytics that solve today’s real-time content challenges.

“We demystify the complexity of real-time content analytics with cutting-edge, scalable A.I. analytics technology. Customers address their content challenges quickly by using our simple APIs in their existing stack. With just a few lines of code, they can have the best contextual ad targeting, content recommendation or search technology on their platform.” explained Chris Margiolas.

adNomus’ patented A.I. Content Analytics technologies deliver results in less than 1ms., while guaranteeing user and content privacy. The technology works cross-platform and supports interactive, real-time user experiences (e.g. messaging, search). For companies with strict privacy or bandwidth restrictions, adNomus offers the option to install, configure, and support their core analytics technologies on a customer’s private infrastructure.

adNomus’ APIs are priced by usage volume and are currently offered a la carte at an affordable price to enterprises of varying sizes and needs.


About adNomus

adNomus is an artificial intelligence company specializing in real-time content targeting and intelligent matching. It’s mission is to revolutionize the way user-generated content is used to create highly relevant matches with advertisements and recommendations while keeping sensitive information protected. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley.