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adNomus brings real-time A.I. content targeting to enterprises, emerges out of stealth mode


adNomus aims to revolutionize the way enterprises match advertising and marketing materials to their user-generated content with proprietary A.I. analytics technology. Built to meet today’s real-time needs, adNomus delivers content targeting in less than 1 ms. and drastically improves match relevance, while keeping all sensitive user and content information private.

Officially launching out of stealth mode, adNomus, an A.I. content analytics company, targets the enterprise’s growing need to use their own user-generated content for real-time targeting, matching, and recommendation services. adNomus’ goal is to make the sponsored content and recommendations you see across the internet more relevant to the content you’re interacting with right now, instead of what you interacted with in the past.

Based in Silicon Valley, adNomus’s team brings together experts in computer systems, A.I., and online advertising who are driven to bring relevant real-time content matching to scale. Our proprietary A.I. technologies are provided as a service via easy-to-use API’s, and can transform content into precise targeting criteria to be used for advertising, recommendations, or indexing purposes. “adNomus is not involved in the buying or selling of advertisements. Instead, our technology is provided to content heavy companies who are interested in delivering relevant content driven matches, in real-time.” Co-founder Joe Falore explains. By targeting content in real-time, companies can deliver a resourceful monetization experience between their content and users, ensuring what their users see is highly relevant to what they’re interacting with.

adNomus’ proprietary A.I. content analytics technologies can understand, expand, and characterize arbitrary text or speech content in less than 1 ms., delivering the precise targeting criteria necessary to make a highly relevant content match (as seen in the figure below). This disruptive technology makes use cases, such as delivering digital advertisements in real-time, feel much more native and resourceful to a user. It has been built from scratch to seamlessly fit into existing technology stacks and meets the real-time and privacy demands from social media, messaging, and speech companies. With a core emphasis on privacy, adNomus guarantees that all identifiable information, for both users and content, is instantly filtered out and never used for targeting or matching purposes.

Today, we are shifting towards real-time, user generated content landscapes and companies are using it to grow their presence. As a result, demand from advertisers and companies for a solution that performs highly relevant content matching, in real-time, is on the rise. In order to adapt with the shift, future-proof its technologies, and stand out in an industry that has been noted to have excessive dead weight; adNomus pioneered a new novel approach prioritizing artificial intelligence and privacy at its core.

The internet is overrun with advertisements that chase users down based on their previous behaviors, the founders of adNomus agree, and people are becoming annoyed with this experience. CEO Chris Marigolas, PhD says, “We are an A.I. technology company that offers real-time analytics solutions for content targeting and matching. Our partners use us to build resourceful advertising, marketing, and content recommendation products. By using adNomus, their users see recommended content that is relevant to what they are interacting with.”


About adNomus

adNomus is an artificial intelligence company specializing in real-time content targeting and intelligent matching. It’s mission is to revolutionize the way user-generated content is used to create highly relevant matches with advertisements and recommendations while keeping sensitive information protected. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley.