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Content Analytics

Proprietary AI technology for content analysis and characterization

Real-Time Service

On-demand and precise content intelligence delivered in under 1ms

Guaranteed Privacy

Guaranteed user and content privacy by filtering out all the sensitive information

Intelligent Targeting

Serve highly relevant deliverables for your recommendation, search, and/or advertising needs

AI Content Intelligence


Technology Features

Artificial Intelligence

Proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology analyzes and characterizes your web, mobile, user generated and archive content.


Data Privacy

Our Analytics technology always filters out sensitive content and private user information. We never use, store, or propagate your content.

Real-Time Service

In less than 1 millisecond, our analytics engine analyzes and characterizes your content while ensuring privacy and service quality.

Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrate the adNomus content intelligence engine into your existing technology stack with our native SDK’s and intuitive API’s.

Content Intelligence Transforms Businesses


Our Analytics technology enables the precise understanding of your diverse content and brings next-generation intelligent services on your platform.

Our Solutions


Real-Time REST APIs

Content Targeting API

Contextual analysis and targeting for arbitrary content.

Content Relevance API

Relevancy metrics for arbitrary and diverse content repositories.

Contextual Search API

Contextual indexing and search for content warehouses.

Auctioning API

Multi-objective auctioning operations and optimizations.

End-to-End Content Targeting and Delivery Platform

AI Content Targeting

Use your real-time, private, or user-generated content as the base for targeting purposes.

Deliver Relevance

Only show recommendations that are relevant to what users are currently interacting with.

Bid Optimization

Ensure that your deliverables align with your business goals to meet and exceed KPI’s.

Plugins Available

Easily integrate using one of our plugins for popular CMS or forum software.

Content Types We Analyze


Billions of users continuously generate diverse content across mobile and web platforms. Our technology supports diverse content types and platforms while providing a unified service and interface to our customers.

Industries We Excel In



E-Commerce companies use us to increase the relevancy of their on-site recommendations, search functionality, and sponsored products.

Social Media

Social media companies use us to deliver highly relevant recommendations and ads based on the content users contribute or interact with.



Companies with real-time content streams use our state of the art technology to create matches on the fly with no downtime.


Digital advertising exchanges use us to increase the target-ability of their supply and deliver content-relevant ads.


Content recommendation and discovery networks use us to increase the relevancy between their advertisers and publishers.



Companies facing complex search challenges with production sized data sets use us to increase the relevancy of returned results.

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